I began my career on a bet. Back in 1977, my roommate introduced me to a friend of his who was writing for a new local publication, BAM Magazine. I think I was looking at the third issue when he asked me what I thought of it. I told him I liked the concept but thought the design was lacking. Feeling insulted, he contacted the art director posing as me and made an appointment for me to come in to apply for a job in the art department. After making the appointment, he informed me, in a rather snippy manner, that if I thought that the magazine could be improved, here was my big chance to do just that. I took the challenge, but when he told me that they wanted to see a portfolio, I was confused as I did not own any publicly traded securities at that time. I headed to the art store, purchased some black Crescent board and a Time magazine and went home to tear out and mount the nice looking ads out of the magazine. The next day, needless to say, the art director was duly impressed with my work. I was hired as a part-time production artist. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.